« We Are Never Alone » is a residence which takes the forme of a triangular performance between Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco(1), an user(2) and Moussa Cheniguel(3).

The performance takes place in two separate rooms at Espace Moss, where Gabrielle has established her atelier for three weeks. In the first one Moussa is cutting hair. In the other one Gabrielle harvests fresh cut hair to transform them into an art work. A kind of ritual.

Hair are the single raw material available to create, and come from different persons : different DNA, memories and experiences background in one single entity.

The project is broadcasted in live streaming during Espace Moss' opening hours.

Once the residence passed, this page will be devoted to an archive to document the project.

Residence from November 26 to December 12.

An initiative by Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco, in collaboration with Espace Moss.

(1) Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco,
Plastic artist.
Website and Instagram.

(2) People who comes here to have their hair cut and people connected to Espace Moss' live streaming.

(3) Moussa Cheniguel,
Hairdresser. Owner and founder of Espace Moss and Scalp.
Exhibition opening on December 12th.
From 6pm to 9pm.

In the presence of the artist.

Espace Moss,
Place Van Meenen 35,
1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels.