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« We Are Never Alone »
An initiative by Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco, in collaboration with Espace Moss. Broadcasted in live streaming during Espace Moss' opening hours. 

An online/offline residence which took the form of a triangular performance between Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco(1), an user(2) and Moussa Cheniguel(3) from November 26 to December 12. The performance took place in two separate rooms at Espace Moss, where Gabrielle had established her atelier. In the first one Moussa is cutting hair. In the other one Gabrielle harvested fresh cut hair to transform it into a work of art. A ritual-like action.

Hair from different people was the single raw material available to create: different DNA, memories, collections of experiences gathered together to form a single entity; like a blanket or a protective cover. 

First, hair is rinsed in hot water with Cistus (rock rose) oil and honey, which are nervous system regulators. Next, hair is placed to drain on a linen cloth and treated with « savon de Marseille ». The longest part of the process is to weave hair filaments to each others by creating friction. This process helps to produce patches of hair that are twisted in the linen to remove excess moisture, and then hung to dry.

The process symbolizes purifying past memories, singular and collective, transgenerational, through consciousness as well as through unconsciousness.

(1) Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco,
Artist.Website and Instagram.

(2) People who come to have their hair cut and people connected to Espace Moss' live streaming. 

(3) Moussa Cheniguel,
Hairdresser. Owner and founder of Espace Moss and Scalp.

Espace Moss
Place Maurice Van Meenen 35
1060, Saint-Gilles, Brussels